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Changing industry

What is  GankPad ? is an ecosystem on the BSC focused on bringing value to both investors and developers in the blockchain gaming industry. It is the first Metaverse Land Distribution Launchpad, indeed we will give a granted Land on the Gankverse to all the projects that launch on GankPad. 

On one side, the investors have the opportunity to get early access to high-potential play to earn gaming projects. On the other side, developers have the opportunity to get their play to earn project featured on our platform and accessible by our investors.

Here are more informations about our ecosystem.



Our governance token

The potential of GANK tokens lies in the launchpad, where
it will be the basis for allocation of all the staking farms as they are released.

Without holding GANK, you cannot participate in the staking and launchpad.


GANK token will be launched on PancakeSwap.


The first utility of our token

GANK tokens will be the primary tokens that can be used for staking within the ecosystem. Moreover, any project completed within the GankPad will give rise to a token, which also qualifies for use in staking.


The concept of staking has also lately revolved around the possibility of liquidity mining, which means that participants will be rewarded with a governance token for their stake. GANK tokens will be earned by our holders.




Changing the play to earn industry

We have designed our launchpad as the main utility of our project while also becoming a point of interaction with the outside world.

We will use our launchpad to introduce new play to earn projects for take-off, which also provides an opportunity for blockchain entrepreneurs to get their
dreams into reality. But more importantly to our holders and community members to get early access on top-notch projects manually selected by our vetting team.


GankLand (TBA)

An ever-evolving multiverse for developers

All vetted and approved Gankpad projects are automatically allowed to upload their gameplay to a granted Gankland.

The concept is to give every of our developer’s gameplay a setting to be experienced at the same time such that a player can switch their experience while in our metaverse.



Be one of the few crystal NFT holder !

2500 NFT will be released to mark the launch of the Gankpad Metaverse. These will be the Alpha pass to our metaverse, represented as a Gank crystal, and it will be on sale the first two weeks after the Launch of Gankpad. Every first Gank crystal owner will get a creator's royalty on every resale of the crystal going forward.


Gank crystal holders will get the benefit of staking their non fungible crystal tokens to get the fungible $GANK token. Staking the Gank crystal to get more $GANK, the earning cycle is a sweet loop of all ways earning !


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